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Thursday, August 23, 2018

100 +Top Marriage Anniversary Captions for Instagram

Anniversary captions for instagram - Hii Congratulation and Happy wedding anniversary To, is Your anniversary is coming back and wish to share it with  picture's on Instagram? if answer Is Yes the here is a few smart Instagram Captions for your insta photo.
Anniversary captions for instagram - Hii Congratulation and Happy wedding day To, is Your Anniversary Day is returning and wish to share it with  picture's on Instagram? if yes the here is a few sensible Instagram Captions for your insta photograph

Captions for newly married couples

  1. I love you, my dear. I have no idea when it is passed one year.
  2. Have a new successful year ahead. Happy anniversary.
  3. People says love is life but i will say you are my life.
  4. You make my life easy dear. Many many thanks to God giving me a best gift like you.
  5. One year passed, but it is feeling like one day. I want a marvellous another year for you
  6. The time I spend with you is unforgettable. I want to spend my whole life like this.
  7. Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary. May God bless us to live together.
  8. You are so beautiful but the days I spent with you was more beautiful. Thank you for being with me.
  9. Happy marriage anniversary.

Captions for Romantic Anniversary 

  1. I love us.
  2. A kiss to my miss as an anniversary gift.
  3. You are my best gift. Happy anniversary.
  4. Loving you is my duty. Caring you is my honour. Understanding you is my honesty.
  5. I love you because i live in you.
  6. I don’t know what will be in next day. But the day i spent with you were just memorable.
  7. I knew what is love when i met you.
  8. You give me a lot of my expectations. You are my world, my life. Be forever mine.
  9. I love you much. But sometimes I loveless because i want your love should be more than mine
 Captions for For Handsome husband

  1. I love you, love you, love you…. A hundred times.. Happy anniversary.
  2. First thank you for being with me for long years. I am happy because you are my hubby.
  3. Your smile transfer to me as my strength.
  4. If you are with me then every day is an anniversary.
  5. You mean a lot to me. I am alive because I am living with you and within you.
  6. You are my real hero, you are my strength. Just keep me as your weakness.
  7. Happy anniversary my handsome hunk. Thank you for a great journey with you.
  8. A world of happiness for you my sweetheart. Stay with me forever.
  9. The journey was just a moment. I don’t know when we spent many years together. It is just awesome.

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